Why a ‘Type-A’ Should Go On Weekend Getaways Over Extended Vacations

American Writer and Lecturer Dale Carnegie once said that “10 hours of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” This may be true. But have you noticed that sometimes when you are a planner in life, things seem to never go exactly as you wanted. This often leads to the feeling of disappointment or being unfulfilled. And then there are times where you live on the edge and are feeling spontaneous and everything just simply falls into place. Sometimes, the same can be said for weekend getaways as opposed to extended vacations.

There are several ways that an extended vacation can go south compared to one of those last minute weekend getaways. In this blog post, I cover some of the downfalls of planning a vacation, why weekend getaways can be better for the Type-A individual, and why letting loose just may benefit the traveling-gypsy in the long run.

Let’s dive right in.

San Diego pier and ocean at sunset.
Photo from my weekend trip to San Diego, California

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FAQs on Weekend Getaways

I still like to plan a weekend getaway! How do I do that without going over the top and staying relaxed?

Try to stick to just planning the basics for your trip like overnight accommodation, what dates you will go, booking your flight or car rental, an excursion, and decide what kind of trip you want to go on.

What should I bring with for a weekend getaway?

I always suggest t-shirt dresses because they go well during the day and then can be made dressier by changing into heels at night. Click here to view my favorite Amazon travel products for more ideas.

Why do I need a weekend getaway?

A study conducted by the UCLA Anderson School of Management on “Social Psychological and Personality Science” shows that treating the weekend like a vacation increases happiness. Exploratory analyses revealed support for “the underlying role of increased attention to the present moment.”

Search Flights For Your Weekend Getaway

Table of Contents

    Weekend Getaways > Extended Vacations: Avoid Vacation Burnout

    Trina Thomas and Jessica Meyers outside the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee.
    Photo of my friend and me standing outside The Grand Ole Opry from a girls trip I took to Nashville, Tennessee. We were lucky to watch Jana Kramer and Brad Paisley perform that night and even bumped into Brad Paisley backstage after the show!

    For starters, planning an extended vacation is just that – a lot of planning. Sometimes by the time you are done, you are experiencing vacation planning burnout. In addition, there is all the preparation you need to secure before going on vacation. Perhaps you have a pet you need to secure, a home that needs looking after…and the list continues.

    Weekend Getaways > Extended Vacations: Less Likely to Over-Pack and Over-Plan

    If you are like most individuals, you like to come home to a clean home and you clean your home fervently before going on an extended vacation. And then there is the packing. Most of us tend to over pack, especially if there are children going on vacation with us. Medications, extra bedding, diaper bags, and extra clothing… just in case are all washed, dried, folded, and packed.

    If you are going on an extended vacation, there may be paperwork involved such as a passport or birth certificate or visa. Extended vacations can be wearisome and make you ache for home before it is time to return home.

    Yet, a weekend getaway takes fewer planning and a lot less packing. You could probably get away with throwing a couple of things in a bag and just going with the flow on a weekend vacation.

    The natural tendency on a weekend vacation is to enjoy and savor every moment because you know it is a short-lived vacation weekend getaway. You are traveling lighter, have less planning, and have a lighter and happier attitude along the way.

    Weekend Getaways > Extended Vacations: More Likely to Travel Off The Beaten Path

    Trina Thomas and dog, McCoy, walking on a trail in Woodward, Oklahoma.
    My travel companion, McCoy, and me walking a trail during a weekend getaway to Woodward, Oklahoma.

    Typically, extended vacations also tend to be the ones that are most traveled. You will more likely find more traffic, more tourists, and more crowds during extended stay vacations. During weekend getaways, you have so much more opportunity to find vacations off the beaten path.

    Weekend getaways offer you the opportunity to explore a little bit of everything in a shorter period of time as well. It is almost like a buffet of travel in a way.


    Trina Thomas standing in the snow outside Viking Cafe in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.
    Me outside Viking Cafe in Fergus Falls, MN (seriously the BEST omelettes ever here).

    At times, it is best to plan a short-lived weekend getaway as compared to a long, extended family vacation.

    Summary of why weekend getaways are better than extended vacations:

    • Prevents vacation burnout
    • Makes you less likely to over-plan
    • Makes you less likely to over-pack
    • You’re likely to feel lighter and happier without the added stress of planning something extensive
    • More likely to find hidden gems while traveling off the beaten path

    You will find yourself returning refreshed and rejuvenated rather than harried and hassled and in real need of another vacation. What do you like most about weekend getaways? Share with me in the comments below!

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