15 Safety Devices For Solo Travelers

It’s valid if you’re having anxiety about your safety while traveling alone. Crime has increased substantially since the pandemic hit, which makes solo travel more of a risk. Fear not, for this list of 15 safety devices for solo travelers will place that anxiety you’re having on the back burner…..right where it belongs.

Let’s dive in.

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    Safety Devices For Solo Travelers You Need Immediately

    *Disclosure: I only recommend travel products, services, and experiences I would use/experience myself and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. 

    1. Vehicle Emergency Kit

    When living as a digital nomad and traveling solo by car, it’s likely you’re on the road more often than your location-dependent counterparts. Creating a multi-function roadside kit is essential to avoid the need to rely on anyone else in the case of an emergency-especially if you have car troubles and don’t know anyone in a 30 mile radius.

    This portable and waterproof bag includes emergency essentials like jumper cables, emergency blanket, poncho, first-aid kit, tow rope, reflective vest, protective mask, wrench, among other items.

    2. Apple Air Tags

    Apple released a new product in 2021 that is every ADHD-sufferer’s dream.

    Apple Air Tags are great when looking for safety devices for solo travelers. Apple Air Tags are small round devices the size of a quarter that can help you locate items you attach them to via the “Find My iPhone” app. This means they only work in the Apple system.

    I purchased the four-pack from Amazon and placed one in my wallet, one attached to my keys, one hidden in my car, and one attached to my dog’s collar.

    Should I ever lose any of these items I just pull up my “Find My iPhone” app and it will locate the specific air tag’s GPS location and will set off a sound if I request it to do so.

    3. Fireproof Safe With Lock

    Since I don’t have a home-base and am living in the comfort of others’ homes via vacation rentals, I travel with a fireproof safe to keep any important documents of mine in. Passports, birth certificates, my dog’s vaccination and vet records-you name it! There’s just a comfort in case of an emergency like a car or house fire that I’ll have some protection for these items.

    4. Military Tactical Pen

    I always think worst case scenario. I’m talkin’ I have a 30-day apocalypse food and emergency supply that I TRAVEL with. So just imagine where my brain wanders when it comes to rare emergency accidents while on the road like my car flying off of a bridge into a river or lake and being trapped in my car as it submerges.

    I have this emergency tactical pen stowed away in arm’s reach of the driver’s seat in case of this happening. It looks like a pen but can break your car window in case of these one-off situations that, unfortunately, DO happen.

    5. Invisawear Necklace

    This has to be my favorite safety product on the market. The Invisawear necklace is a piece of secretive security jewelry worn around your neck and available in case of a health emergency or dangerous situation you may find yourself caught up in.

    The necklace is equipped with an emergency alert by double clicking the back of the charm to alert friends and family that you need help. Your charm is connected to your phone via Bluetooth and once it has been double clicked it sends a link to your pre-selected emergency contacts with your location.

    Additionally, there is a free of charge service where you can also opt-in for the charm to silently text ADT who will notify emergency services of your location.

    A woman actually got into a car accident and she couldn’t find her phone and other motorists couldn’t reach 911 due to a weak cell signal. She activated the device and first responders arrived within minutes with her father on the way to her location.

    6. Travel Door Stopper Alarm

    Whether you’re staying in an Airbnb or hotel, you should always be utilizing door stoppers. These dual-function wedges work not only to stop intruders, but also has an extremely loud alarm to deter them away. Instead of holding doors open, they work to keep the door shut. 

    When I was recently in Mexico by myself my mind was wandering about the cartel late one night.

    What if the cartel were to take over the hotel and then hold guests hostage?

    If you’ve seen No Escape starring Owen Wilson you’ll get what I’m talking about. 

    If you were to find yourself in a one-off situation like this while traveling, just think about what an intruder would do if faced with one of these door stoppers. Door wedges can’t 100% ensure that they won’t get through the door, but they slow down the process by creating a barrier. After all, if an intruder is attempting to break in and it’s not a simple task for them, they’ll likely move on.

    7. NARCAN

    Photo Credit: NEXT Distro/Unsplash

    As if there isn’t already a crisis on top of a crisis on top of a crisis in the United States, accidental opioid overdose recently became the leading cause of death in the country.

    NARCAN has the potential to save someone’s life and reverse the effects of an opioid overdose within minutes. According to Narcan.com, “Most opioid overdoses occur in the home and are most often witnessed, having a NARCAN rescue kit nearby can make all the difference.”

    I actually became NARCAN certified while working as an advocate at a homeless shelter. I carry my NARCAN kit with me at all times in my purse in case anyone is showing signs of an overdose. The good news is that there is NO ASSEMBLY OR SPECIALIZED TRAINING to have NARCAN in your possession. There are nasal spray NARCAN kits available at most pharmacies in all 50 states.

    For instructions on how to administer NARCAN, click here.

    For more information about NARCAN, click here.

    8. Pepper Spray Keychain

    Pepper spray is a popular non-lethal choice of protection for both law enforcement and civilians. One thing I will point out when traveling with pepper spray is to make sure to check state laws because they vary. For example, states like New York only allow pepper spray to be purchased through a pharmacy.

    I love this BLINGSTING pepper spray keychain because it looks cute which blends in with my nude/neutral purses that I can attach it to, making it more difficult for an attacker to identify.

    On a side note: Attaching pepper spray to a purse is NOT the only place you should have one located. Just think about the response time having it attached to your purse versus carrying it in your hand if ever approached by an attacker.

    Additionally, make sure you’re getting one with a far point-and-spray range and one with a side-slide. One study published by Science Direct showed a significant response time to flip-tops versus side-slide pepper spray with the side-slide being more effective.

    9. Bear Spray 

    If you are planning to camp or hike while traveling, you should always be carrying bear spray.

    Bear spray is 98% effective in deterring a charging and aggressive bear. This non-lethal method can greatly reduce injuries from bears and the number of bears killed by humans.

    Made up of red pepper oil, the bear spray works to inflame the eyes and upper respiratory system. Just think of it as pepper spray for bears.

    With a wide variety of bear sprays on the market, make sure to get one that sprays for at least seven seconds and goes 30 feet or greater in distance.

    When carrying bear spray, ensure that it is placed in a location that is easily accessible like at your chest or on your hip.

    10. Sound Alarm

    A personal safety alarm may be used to attract attention when you need help or to deter an attacker with an ear-piercing siren. Most devices available on the market offer a siren 120dB and 140 dB when activated. These should be activated whenever someone feels they are in danger. The loud noise should scare the attacker off, or at least make them nervous and reconsider what they’re doing.

    11. Conceal and Carry Purse

    The power of a conceal and carry purse is that it can effectively keep your hand gun hidden. The reason this type of purse is in a whole different ballpark than a regular purse is because it is created to holster the pistol of a conceal and carry gun owner.

    Made of Pu leather and offered in several colors, this conceal and carry purse comes equipped with a lockable zipper, hidden key ring, a quick access pocket holster that can easily be removed to create a personalized angle and grip, and two keys.

    Each state has different gun laws, so it’s vital to check the state laws in the place you’re traveling to.

    P.S. If you’re needing more travel bag suggestions, read my article titled “Best Travel Handbags for the Traveling Gypsy.”

    12. Anti-Theft Backpack

    Not only do you need to consider personal safety when traveling alone, but you also need to consider the safety of your personal items. Don’t ever leave your bag unattended. But the cold, hard truth, is that people can still somehow manage to find a way to steal your belongings even if it’s near or on you.

    The positive thing about anti-theft backpacks are that they look just like a regular backpack but work better to prevent theft.

    This anti-theft backpack is made of artificial leather that comes in several colors. You can choose to carry it three different ways: As a backpack, handle bag, or shoulder purse. The back zipper is anti-theft.

    13. Door and Window Alarm 

    Intruders can be sneaky, so wanting an alarm to sound if an unwanted individual attempts to open a door or window makes sense.

    Door and window alarms come equipped with different features depending on which brand you purchase. Contact, noise, vibration, and motion censors are a few features to choose from.

    This two-pack of thin window and door alarms have two adjustable settings and batteries are included. The installation is simple with no wiring or screws, necessary.

    14. Women’s Ankle Pocket Boots

    When it comes to wearing a pair of boots with a secret credit card pocket, you can walk into any event confidently.

    Easily store your credit cards, pocket knife, or important documents in the 3-inch by 3.5-inch zippered storage pocket. These boots are slip resistant which means you can take on wet floors, icy roads and dirt terrain.

    15. Rove R2 Dash Cam

    Carjackings have increased up to 510% across major cities in the United States. Not to mention, catalytic converters are being taken from vehicles in under five minutes in broad daylight. Having a dash cam installed just means hard evidence can be right at your fingertips if something happens to your vehicle.

    This Rove dash cam can record in 4K HD up to a resolution of 2160p. The camera comes with a built-in WIFI and GPS. Loop recording, parking mode, motion detection, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, and slow-motion video are some features you can utilize with this dash cam. Make sure to purchase a memory card separately.

    Travel Smarter With The Above Safety Devices for Solo Travelers

    Find peace of mind with these suggestions of the best 15 safety devices for solo travelers. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a companion on a road trip across the U.S. or flying abroad, you’ll be well-prepared in the chance of an emergency. Raising your awareness and being ready for the worst-case scenario can’t hurt you and can only help you. Share your favorite travel safety device with me in the comments!

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