Travel jobs for full-time nomads

Introduction: Travel jobs for full-time nomads

Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, travel jobs progressed in its popularity. Traveling to see the world before retirement is not only possible but a common theme between millennial’s.

People often ask me how I’m going to afford to travel the country while living in an RV full-time. That’s why I decided to put together a list of ways you can bring home the bacon, and eat it, too!

The following travel jobs will show you the best ways to make money while traveling full-time:

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Travel jobs for full-time nomads

1. Reseller

Visit thrift stores in the cities that you travel to. Flip those items for some serious profit by selling them on websites like Mercari, eBay, and Poshmark (If you sign up for Poshmark, use my affiliate code VALLEYGLOWGIRL for a $10 credit to shop).

If you’re nervous to invest money upfront to buy items to sell, just start with your personal closet! The items that I have found that sell quickly are furniture, women’s jeans, and women’s shoes. My biggest profit when reselling was finding a pair of new Sorel boots at a Goodwill Outlet store. I purchased them for $8 and sold them for $150. Yes, you read that right.

To become a reseller, you would need access to a printer for your shipping labels for when you sell something and to be near a USPS or UPS store.

2. Photographer

Being a photographer is a great option if you're looking for travel jobs.
The average salary of a travel photographer is approximately $62,000. Photo by Casia Charlie on

If you have a passion for photography then why not capture the beauty of the Seven Seas and get paid a decent wage for it?

To convert your dream into a reality, take photos of the destinations you travel to. Post them to your social media accounts. Traveling photographers also get paid by teaching photography online, writing or blogging about photography, or selling their photos online on stock images or news websites. This is one great option if you’re looking for travel jobs.

3. Freelance Writer

My current, pre-nomad, writing desk. Meet my pup, McCoy!

Writers can earn some serious dough-on-the-go by writing from or about all of the places they visit. This can be done in the form of blogging, reporting for news agencies, ghostwriting, or content writing, among others. I utilize the website called Upwork to establish most of my clients. I have the ability to conduct all of my interviews over the phone or Zoom.

Affiliate marketing and advertisements are the top ways for bloggers to make an income.

4. Graphic Designer

Become a graphic designer if you're looking for travel jobs
Graphic Designers can sell printable on websites like Etsy. Photo by Anthony Shkraba on

The average salary for a graphic designer is $46,000. This may not sound like a lot, but when you are boondocking out of an RV and not paying rent that’s some serious cash.

Create and sell templates or printables. Start a design consulting firm while you’re living as a nomad. Fiverr and Flexjobs are a couple of places to find these contracts as a freelancer in this niche.

5. Underwriter

calculator and notepad placed over stack of usa dollars
Underwriting is a perfect position for those seeking remote work. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Most underwriters work independently without having to talk to any clients, and many can work remotely because of this!

Organizations are hiring people for remote positions as an underwriter to analyze risk and data when someone applies for a loan.

The best websites to find a position in underwriting include LinkedIn and Indeed.

6. Personal Assistant

Being a personal assistant is great if you're looking for travel jobs.
A personal assistant often works for business executives, performing various tasks. Photo by Polina Zimmerman on

As a remote personal assistant, you get to work from wherever you are to perform administrative and clerical tasks for individuals like a business owner or a working professional. A personal assistant can typically answer phone calls and emails, schedule appointments, and make travel arrangements.

Some great websites to find a job as a personal assistant are FancyHands, VA Networking and oDesk.

7. Teach English

focused asian girl carefully listening explanation from teacher during remote studies
VIPKID makes it possible to teach English to students virtually. Photo by Katerina Holmes on

Traveling while teaching English is possible by either moving abroad or teaching virtual classes through websites like VIPKID.

If you choose to go through the route of teaching English virtually, you can sign up for a website to help parents teach their kids through homeschooling, homework assignments, exam prep, or other school-related work.

Teach Away and Go Abroad are great websites to locate International jobs to teach English.

8. Customer Service Representative

photography of woman using laptop
Customer service representatives have the opportunity to work from where they please by answering phone calls or typing via chat to customers. Photo by Christina Morillo on

Work and travel as a customer service representative for companies like Home Depot, American Airlines, or Amazon.

Job duties include interacting with customers via phone or chat to address complaints, answer questions, and provide information on services.

To find customer service job vacancies, visit Upwork, FlexJobs, and Virtual Vocations.

9. Travel Nurse

Travel jobs: travel nurse
A Travel Nurse can seek short-term assignments away from home to get their travel-fix. Photo by Anna Shvets on

As a travel nurse, you can practice your medical expertise on short-term assignments that can take you across the globe. Nurses can start this endeavor by researching travel nursing companies like and working closely with a recruiter.

It’s possible to see a wage of $50 an hour with housing accommodations paid for by the hiring company.

10. Transcriptionist

Travel jobs: transcriptionist
Stock image

Rev and TranscribeMe are a couple of websites that I’ve had success with in the past as a virtual transcriptionist.

Transcribers produce written transcriptions of audio or video by listening to the audio and converting it to text. The best part is that you have the opportunity to transcribe some pretty fascinating conversations. I once transcribed audio of former NFL player and convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez’s, conversations while he was in prison waiting for his trial.

11. Data Entry

Travel jobs: data entry
Entering data into a database is the main duty of working in data entry. Photo by on

This job is perfect for someone who likes to mostly keep to themselves while performing work duties.

Working in data entry requires the preparation and sorting of documents and entering that data into a database.

Individuals can find work in data entry on websites like Upwork.

12. Podcaster

person in pink hijab holding microphone
Podcasters main form of income is through advertisements on their podcast. Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Advertisements are the most effective way to earn an income while podcasting, followed by affiliate marketing and selling products or services.

Andy Steves is one podcaster that talks about his travel adventures on his podcast called The Andy Steves Travel Podcast while interviewing other like-minded gypsies that share their own stories of adventure.

The salary of a podcaster varies greatly, but some can make a six-figure salary. It is all dependent on the downloads and sales made.

13. Cruise Ship

sea holiday vacation blue
Excessive hours is one disadvantage to working on a cruise ship. Photo by Pixabay on

If you want to get paid and travel free, consider working on a cruise ship. Job vacancies in this sector include wait staff, chef, bartender, musician, comedian, dancer, medical staff, and so on.

Working on a cruise ship isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. Long hours and being gone for months on end are common disadvantages to the job but are often outweighed by the free food and lodging benefits.

Some major cruise lines to work on are Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise, Carnival Cruise, and Disney Cruise.

14. Work on a private yacht

man underwater with white yacht beside
Blue Water Yachting is one website to find yacht positions. Photo by Jeffrey Czum on

I had friends in college that worked as a server for rich families on their private yachts. They would only be required to serve them at dinner time by delivering meals to the table and making sure their drinks were full. During their downtime, they would lay out in their bikinis and go sight-seeing when the yacht was tied up to land – and they made a six-figure salary while doing it!

Blue Water Yachting and YACREW are a couple of websites to find vacancies to work on a private yacht.

15. Poker Player

ace bet business card
There are only four states in the U.S. that allows earning an income from online poker playing. Photo by Pixabay on

Poker players often compete in tournaments located all over the country. One drawback to this is that it’s a big risk and an easy way to lose a lot of money.

If you’re confident in your poker skills, consider signing up for a tournament out of state if you want to scratch your travel itch.

Book a flight to New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, or Delaware if you are interested in virtual poker playing, as they are the only states in the U.S. that legalize making money while playing poker online.

16. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant position is a great option for those looking for travel jobs.
Photo by Sheila on

My love for tattoos has always prevented me from being a flight attendant, as most major airlines won’t hire employees with visible ink.

Not only does becoming a flight attendant allow you and your family to fly for free, but it comes with additional benefits like flexible hours once gaining seniority and no need for a specific degree.

Start by searching online on Google for airlines that are currently hiring flight attendants.

17. Musician

Being a musician is a great option for those looking for travel jobs
Me performing at a gig at Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona

Making money while traveling as a musician doesn’t just stop at touring or performing gigs at bars. Performers can also make a living from tasks like teaching music lessons, freelance songwriting, or starting a YouTube channel.

I made money often on Upwork from odd jobs like singing for someone who was looking for a female voice for a verse in one of his songs. If you look hard enough, you can find ways to get paid by sharing your musical talent.

18. House Sitting

cute dachshund sitting on sofa at home in
The average annual salary for a house sitter is $56,339. Photo by Skylar Kang on

Picture this: you are sitting in a mansion in Sedona, earning money for your travel job by watching Netflix with a Golden Retriever puppy cuddled up next to you. This can become your reality by traveling to different destinations to house sit!

Trusted Housesitters and Nomador are websites to find house sitting jobs, where you can make an average annual salary of $56,339.

19. Au Pair/Nanny

Travel jobs
Being an Au Pair allows you to enjoy the perks of free accomodation’s, food, and travel while receiving an allowance. Photo by Maria Orlova on

Being an Au Pair typically means you get paid paired with free food, accommodation, and travel. Although it isn’t always a requirement, it’s good to have previous childcare experience to make landing a job easier.

Many families that hire an Au Pair will even pay for their Au Pair’s plane ticket to start the job. Once there, the Au Pair has the opportunity to learn a new language and travel on trips on the family’s dime to other international locations.

Search for Au Pair positions by visiting websites like Great Aupair, Au Pair International, and Au Pair 4 Me.

20. Social Media Influencer

Travel Jobs
Social media influencers often promote clothing, food, and hotel products. Photo by Artem Podrez on

The average social media influencer can take home an annual salary between $30,000 and $100,000. That’s some serious cash for taking some cool pictures after receiving discounted or free products to promote. Products are often clothing, food, and even hotels, which makes this one of the amazing options out of all of these travel jobs.

The more social media followers someone has, the more likely they are to receive a higher salary as a social media influencer. Huda Kuttan is the highest paid social media influencer with 41 million followers and makes an average of $91,300 per post! That should be enough to fill the piggy bank for endless travel!

For someone to become a social media influencer, it all starts with gaining followers. To do this, they need to find their niche and understand their audience. After that, creating relevant content (I utilize Canva to create social media posts and use a preset filter on Etsy to filter the photos I take) regularly and engaging with commenters is key. Reaching out to brands to let them know you are open to promoting their brand is a gateway to getting paid in doing so.

Conclusion: Travel jobs for full-time nomads

If you want to travel and get paid to do it you have to be open to a career that will make this possible with one of these travel jobs.

Financing yourself while being a wanderer with one of these travel jobs will help leverage your travel experience in ways you never thought possible.


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