It’s decided: I’m living out of an RV full-time

I sit here at my work desk, listening to the everyday track of employees shuffling the hallway outside of my office. The day’s upcoming forecast, after-hour plans, and workweek commitments are the lyrics between Linda and Joe that play on a continuous daily loop.

There has to be something more fulfilling to my life than the 9-5 schedule. I’m a soon-to-be 30-year old writer and an entrepreneurial spirit that can’t ever stay put in one place longer than three years without running away like a gypsy. It’s time to embrace the uncomfortable. It’s time to see the country, put away my winter boots, pick up my writer’s pen, and chase the sun. It’s time to live out of a travel trailer full-time.

My apartment lease is approaching the finish line in July 2021. That gives me enough time to shop around for a travel trailer and get my plans in order. This isn’t a random idea but something I have been planning for quite some time. I just never pulled the trigger because of the nerves that come along with backing the trailer up by myself into RV sites, gas stations, etc. The only way I’ll ever learn is to do.

I chose a travel trailer so that I can detach my car easily. This means that I have to trade in my Nissan Juke with a low towing-capacity in exchange for something like a Chevy Tahoe or Dodge Durango. I’ll also need to find somewhere to store my trailer for a few months until I move out of my apartment to prevent overlap in housing payments.

Currently, I’m looking at a bigger travel trailer because I want to do this for several years to pay off debt and shake my gypsy bug. Preferably, I’d like to keep the price below $3,000 so that I can invest an additional $2,000 to renovate it and make it my own. If I come across one at a higher price with an interior I like with fewer renovations on my end, that’ll work too. I also would like to find one in my price range that has a couple of slide-outs to create more space once I’m parked.

As far as income, I am a freelance writer and have established enough clients where I can work remotely. Traveling will be a boost in income since I’ll have the ability to blog about all of the places I’ll visit.

The plan is to be in Minnesota until the end of September and then head down south. I’m not sure where I’ll go first. Maybe Southern California and make my way down into Arizona, Texas, Florida, then head up the east coast when it warms up in the spring and summer. I’m not too worried about my plans as long as I’m going somewhere new.

If you have been a Nomad or have RV/Camper experience please drop any suggestions in the comment section and please subscribe to my blog for support and to follow me on this journey.
We’ve only got one go-around in this life. I’m here to make it count.


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Hi, I'm Trina. Previously a mortgage loan originator, I have been a full-time freelance writer and journalist since 2020. When I'm not scribbling, I love spending time with my Labrador Retriever, McCoy, eating the best cuisine a city has to offer, traveling, cooking, crafting, and all of the other basic bish things you can think of.

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