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I’m Trina. And this is my handsome scholar, McCoy. We travel the country full-time while living out of Airbnbs.

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Airbnb Horror Stories That’ll Leave You Overstrung

Amazon Prime’s The Rental unveils the story of everyone’s worst travel nightmare. Directed by Dave Franco, the 2021 horror film presents the story of two couples who stay in a beautiful oceanfront vacation rental. All was smooth sailing until the group starts to harbor suspicion that they are being spied on by their host. Although…


15 Safety Devices For Solo Travelers

It’s valid if you’re having anxiety about your safety while traveling alone. Crime has increased substantially since the pandemic hit, which makes solo travel more of a risk. Fear not, for this list of 15 safety devices for solo travelers will place that anxiety you’re having on the back burner…..right where it belongs. Let’s dive…

One Bag Travel Tips: Packing Checklist For The Minimalist Traveler

There are two types of people in this world: those who pack their suitcase a few days before their trip and those who pack at the very last minute. I’m the latter. Laying down the groundwork for travel outfits a mere 12 hours before jet-set is stressful enough for the Fashionista. I’d argue that tiptoeing…